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Read and manage Mac files on your Windows PC

TransMac is a comprehensive file manager, specifically designed as a bridge between Windows PCs and Mac devices. This program can format, write, and read Mac files right on your Windows 7, 8, or 10 computer. TransMac lets you open and access Mac-formatted drives and devices on your PC, which otherwise would not have been possible because of system incompatibility. The program comes with a free trial period, which lets you test the interface and features. For the download and installation, it lets you choose between a ZIP or EXE file.

A stable, hassle-free bridge for Windows PCs and Mac devices

There are multiple operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, and Mac. If you’re interested in cross-platform work, you need a specialized program or tool. In fact, Windows and Mac are two operating systems that often need third-party applications to create a bridge. TransMac download is the most popular choice for file management on these devices.

What is TransMac?

Developed by Acute Systems, TransMac can manage, copy, read, and write files or folders on Apple devices and drives, including Mac-formatted hard disks, flash drives, and external storage devices. The program also supports opening and burning disc images, .sparse image files, and .dmg image files. The latest version of the program comes with speed enhancements, compatibility for Windows 10, and improved OpenFileDialog.

What about the interface?

As mentioned earlier, you can install TransMac as an EXE or a ZIP file. Regardless of your choice, there’s no difference in the installed program. The installation package gives various setup options, including file associations. The interface is simple and clean. It’s available with the classic File Explorer-style main window, sidebar, and toolbar. Considering other tools in this category, it’s perhaps the most efficient design.

When it comes to the theme, TransMac offers some subtle variations. All of the toolbar icons remain hidden yet outlined. There’s even a tree-view disk menu on the left-hand sidebar, complemented by drag-and-drop column headings in the primary file list.

From the ‘Options’ menu, you can access separate Mac and PC settings. Additionally, you can open ‘General Settings’, which focuses on extras and advanced functionalities like the capability to burn discs. The program has a useful ‘Help’ file, which comes with a Quick Start Guide, Troubleshooting Guide, and various screenshots to explain the features.

What are the features?

TransMac functions like a standard File Explorer and lets you move all kinds of Mac-compatible files to your PC. It can read, write, open, and manage Mac-formatted external storage devices, including DVDs, CDs, high-density floppy discs, hard drives, and removable drives like IDEs and USBs.

Additionally, the program supports both standard HFSX/HFS+ and HFS, which denotes ‘Hierarchical File Systems’, used for organizing files and folders on a Mac disk. Just like File Explorer’s functionalities, you can rename, delete, copy, and move files or folders on the Mac-compatible disk.

With TransMac download, you can reformat disks to use on a Mac device and burn disk image files within seconds. The program features various filters, so it is easier to search for files and folders on your PC. Last but not least, it automatically sets file extensions and types between the two operating systems.

What are the alternatives?

While TransMac is often the first preference for creating a bridge between Mac and Windows devices, there are some alternatives you might want to consider. For instance, HFSExplorer is a free tool to configure HFS files from Mac-formatted disks into readable formats. The program comes with a graphical file system browser, which gives detailed information about the files and folders. But if you’re unfamiliar with such tools, the interface might look cluttered and aesthetically unappealing.

Another good program is Paragon Hard Disk Manager. While the application is a good choice for accessing or managing Windows files, it doesn’t offer much support for Mac devices. Though it opens some files and folders for cross-platform usage, it’s not a very reliable tool.

Last but not least, MacDrive is another similar program to transfer, access, and manage Mac-formatted disks on Windows PCs. Although the program has a clean interface, the features can be overwhelming for beginners. The app also comes with certain hidden costs.

Is TransMac a good choice?

Once you run this file management software on a Windows PC, you’ll realize that the program works similar to File Explorer. You can conveniently drag-and-drop, delete, unzip, zip, paste, copy, and cut Mac files or folders to and from your Windows PC, and vice versa. TransMac runs smoothly and doesn’t cause any lags or crashes.

Since this is a lightweight program, you don’t have to worry about the features affecting system performance. It leaves a minimal footprint on your hardware resources and does the job in the background. However, to run TransMac properly, you’ll need to have admin rights for the computer.

TransMac File Explorer is one of the most efficient ways to control, manage, and access Mac hard disks from a Windows PC. With the simple interface, useful ‘Help’ file, and multiple features, the program is a safe choice for all versions of Windows.

Easy-to-use, familiar interface, and other benefits

Overall, TransMac download is the perfect way to avoid tedious or time-consuming steps to transfer Mac files to your Windows computer, and vice versa. 

The program not only transfers these files between operating systems, but also creates a bridge to access, read, write, and manage them conveniently. With the File Explorer-style interface, you can start working with the program instantly and customize settings based on your preferences. Without a doubt, it’s one of the most reliable tools in this category. 

TransMac for Windows can read, write and format Macintosh CD-ROM, hard drives, high density diskettes and most removable drives (FireWire/IEEE 1394, USB, Iomega, Zip, Jaz, Clik, SyQuest, optical, etc.).


  • Read and write Mac format CDs, DVDs, hard drives, high density floppy diskettes and most removable drives
  • Supports most drive interface types including USB, IDE, ATAPI, FireWire (IEEE1394), SCSI, etc
  • Supports both standard HFS (Mac OS Standard) and HFSX/HFS+ (Mac OS Extended) format disks
  • Copy, rename and delete files and folders
  • Create Mac format CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, etc.
  • Burn disk image files (dmg, img, iso, image)
  • Format disks for use on Mac
  • Search Mac disks for specific files by type, creator or extension
  • Read Mac multisession and hybrid CDs
  • Automatic file type/extension mapping between platforms
  • Open and preview Mac and PC files directly from TransMac
  • Display and change Mac type and creator information
  • Create and open file based Mac volume images including most dmg compressed images
  • Save and restore images of entire disks


  • Offers a simple interface
  • Supports various disk and file types
  • Gives a choice between ZIP and EXE files
  • Free trial period


  • Requires the user to have admin rights
  • Doesn’t support older HFS versions

Older versions

Program available in other languages

TransMac for PC

  • Trial version
  • In English
  • V 14.6
  • 4.1
  • (163)

User reviews about TransMac

  • Robbie Obengminus

    by Robbie Obengminus

    great apps, I can make usb installer for mac.
    easy to use and simple


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